How To Care For Your Sunglasses
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How To Care For Your Sunglasses


1. How to wear or take off glasses correctly?

When wearing or taking off your glasses, please hold the temples with both hands and remove from the front side. It is easy to cause deformation and looseness if wearing or taking off the glasses with one hand.

2. How to storage glasses correctly?

Please fold the left temple first when storage the glasses.When not in use, please wrap the glasses in the soft cleaning cloth with the lens facing up and place them in the pouch and the case. Be careful to prevent the lens and frame from being scratched by hard objects. Many people put glasses into their pocket when not in use, which makes it easy for the lens and frame to be scratched by the hard objects like the edges of the key or the comb.

3. How to clean glasses correctly?

If the frame or lens is contaminated with dust, sweat, grease, cosmetics, etc., please clean them with clear water, and then dry the glasses with a soft cloth.
To avoid damage, never clean your glasses with paper towels or clothing, which can grind dust and fibers into lenses and leave scratches. Also avoid using household detergents or soaps, today's extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings.

4. Tips

1) It is forbidden to be exposed to water for a long time, soaked in seawater and placed in a fixed place to be exposed to sunlight (For example it is incorrect to place the sunglasses on the dashboard of the car. In the hot weather, if you put sunglasses on the dashboard, the sunglasses may be deformed by heat); it is also forbidden to be placed beside the current or the metal for a long time.
2) It is incorrect to wearing the glasses on the top of the head; it is easy to destory the hinge and the temple.
3) Please clean the frame with a damp cloth if the frame contact with a lot of sweat, that will avoid the layer falling off from the frame.
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