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By CGID | 29 January 2019 | 0 Comments


Road trips are an American pastime, almost bordering on an American obsession. But just like many other American obsessions, they can end up being rather bad for your body. On top of being motionless for hours on end, you’ll inevitably find yourself diving into unhealthy snacks or rolling up to drive thru windows looking to quickly fuel up for the road ahead.

But it needn’t be this way. Your road trip will be a far healthier undertaking if you choose to plan your food intake a little ahead. Here are 6 healthy snacks that can turn your cross country carb cruise into a drive that’s far less detrimental to your body.


Carrot sticks

No matter how exciting the terrain might be, most road trips will include their fair share of boredom. Many people inadvertently look to food to alleviate this boredom, munching on anything that they can get their hands on.

Carrot sticks are a great choice for anyone who is just looking to chew, maybe just for the sake of chewing. Fill your mouth without filling your daily carb quota.

Yogurt with fruit


A nutritional powerhouse, combining Greek yoghurt with fruit offers you the protein to fill you up, the sugar to keep you alert and alive, and the nutrients to keep your body at its optimum level of health.

Peanut butter sandwich


Where’s the ‘J’? Unfortunately jelly has no place on a healthy road trip, friends. That doesn’t stop us from enjoying the P and the B though. Peanut butter is full of good fats and good proteins, all of which serve to fill you up and make you feel good. Use grainy or whole bread to gain the maximum effect.

All natural beef jerky


Beef jerky might not be at the top of many people’s lists of healthy snacks, but this road trip favorite actually has quite a few things going for it. Of all the nutrients you can put into your body, protein has been proven to be the best at sating hunger. While gas station jerky will be loaded with sodium and preservatives, natural jerky is actually a good, filling snack choice.

Trail mix

If it’s good enough for those health nuts who find themselves hiking on the whole day, it’s got to be good enough for road trippers. The dynamic mix of fruits and nuts that is trail mix is perhaps the best all-round snack that there is. Energy, fibre, nutrients – it’s got it all.



Another road tripping snack that serves as the perfect filler, popcorn – ideally unbuttered, unsugared and unflavored – fills a hole better than most other foods. It’s packed with fibre, as well as serving as a slow-release complex carb. Just remember to stay away from the pre-packaged or microwave stuff, and go for the naked kernels cooked on a stovetop.

By packing your car with these 6 snacks, you’ll come out of your next road trip feeling healthier than when you started!




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