Square Sunglasses
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Square Sunglasses

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Lens Width
46MM 62MM 49MM 61MM 55MM 56MM 50MM Small 47MM /Large 51MM 60MM 45MM Small 60MM /Large 65MM 52MM 43MM 48MM 54MM 53MM 51MM 60mm 56mm 58MM 51.5MM 42MM 63MM 57MM 140MM 36MM 44MM 59MM 66MM
Steampunk Pilot Aviator Double Circle Lennon Wearing Over Heart Shaped Oversized Square Punk Semi-rimless Round Semi Rimless Circle Rimless Semi-Rimless Square/Round Cateye Sports
Lens Height
46MM 54MM 49MM 50MM 55MM 47MM Small 47MM / Large 51MM 45MM Small 39MM / Large 40MM 48MM 34MM 35MM 40MM 52MM 50mm 48mm 53MM 37MM 42MM 36MM 41MM 29MM 30MM 21MM 23MM 24MM 32MM 39MM 43MM
Lens Material
Resin Anti Blue-Ray/ UV400 AC Plastic Acrylic
Frame Length
140MM 145MM 135MM 148MM 144MM 130MM Small 132MM /Large 138MM 142MM Small 138MM / Large 145MM 122MM 128MM 124MM 120MM 139MM 141MM 145mm 135mm 143.5MM 147MM 53MM 138MM 127MM
Bridge Width
20MM 18MM 23MM 11MM 12MM 13MM 17MM 21MM 22MM 25MM Small 10MM / Large 12MM 19MM 14MM 21mm 14mm 19.5MM 15MM 21.5MM 16MM
Frame Material
Metal Al-Mg Alloy TR90 Plastic TR90/Metal TR/Metal Alloy Metal PC Resin Rubber TR
Lens Feature
Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Pink,Blue) Polarized/UV400M/Mirrored(Silver,Blue,Pink,Orange,Greeen) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Silver,Blue,Pink) Polarized/UV400 Polarized/ UV400/Mirrored(Silver,Blue,Pink,Green,Orange) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Silver,Pink) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Silver,Blue,Pink,Gold) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Red,Pink,Blue,Purple,Silver) Polarized/ UV400/Mirrored(Silver,Blue,Green,Orange) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Silver,Blue,Red) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Silver,Blue) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Dark Blue,Ice Blue,Gold) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Red,Blue) UV400 Polarized/UV400Mirrored(Silver,Ice Blue ) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored (pink , silver , blue) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Blue,Silver) Anti Blue-Ray/UV400 Anti-Blue-Ray/UV400 Anti Blue-Ray/ UV400 Anti Blue-Ray/UV 400 Anti-Blue-Ray UV400/Anti-Blue-Ray Polarized/ UV400 Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Blue,Green,Red) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Blue,Green) Polarized/UV400/Mirrored(Ice Blue/Red/Silver)
Temple Length
149MM 140 147MM 136MM 130MM 137MM 142MM 135MM Small 129MM / Large 141MM 145MM 140MM Small 160MM /Large 160MM 126MM 115MM 116MM 124MM 138MM 146MM 139MM 14MM 141MM 143MM 132MM 129MM 120MM 125MM 121MM 144MM
37g 17g 33g 23g 26g 27g 29g 16g Small 17g / Large 19g 34g 25g 35g 22g 18g 15g 19g 38g 20g 21g 28g 30g 36g 12g
Frame Width
135MM 136MM 145MM 149MM 156MM 148MM 151MM 143MM 137MM 140MM
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