What Are Fall Must Do Activities?
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By CGID | 31 October 2019 | 0 Comments

What Are Fall Must Do Activities?

When it comes to Fall season, it’s rich with crisp air, mouthwatering traditional foods, hot bonfires and falling leaves. The season’s only downside is that it’s over so rapidly.Before you know it, winter will have you shivering under a blanket, missing autumn’s fresh temperatures and distinct flavors.
Fall goes fast. Get the most out of the season by putting these classic activities on your autumnal bucket list.

TOP 1: Get Scared With Someone You Love
Forget “Netflix and chill” — when fall rolls around and Halloween’ s time. “Netflix and thrill” is the way to go. Fall nights were practically made for curling up on the couch with your sweetheart, a warm blanket, and a movie that will absolutely terrify you both. 

If a well-intentioned thrill isn’t your cup of tea, opt for a more lighthearted autumn classic like Silver Linings Playbook, Halloween Town, Garden State, or Hocus Pocus, any of which are guaranteed to put you in the fall spirit without scaring your socks off.

TOP2:Snack on apples at a pick-your-own orchard
Fall is harvest season for apples, meaning there’s no better time to explore an orchard. Pick-your-own farms allow visitors the chance to select their own produce fresh off the tree (and snack a bit while doing so). Pumpkins, local honey, and other seasonal goodies are also generally available.

TOP3:Take in the fall foliage with a scenic road trip
Fall is famous for the way it turns any wooded area into a kaleidoscope of rich color. If you’re lucky enough to live in New Hampshire, Vermont, or any of the other “leaf-blessed” locations across the United States, there’s a pretty good chance you can take in some of autumn’s color from your backyard or bedroom window. 
 For the less fortunate, packing the family (or your significant other) into the car and taking off towards a rural area is the perfect way to unwind while taking in the beauty of fall’s dramatic foliage. 

TOP4:Create a masterpiece by carving a pumpkin
The idea of the Jack O’Lantern began in Ireland, where superstitious families would place embers inside carved turnips and potatoes in order to ward off evil spirits. When the Irish immigrated to the US, they quickly discovered that squash and large gourds were much easier to work with. 
Since then, pumpkin carving has become one of the most iconic and unmissable autumn activities such as celebrating Halloween Party.
It’s the perfect way to get  a little messy with someone you love. Afterwards, instead of dumping the seeds, season and roast them for a classic fall treat.


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