Blue Light Glasses Give You Freedom!
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By CGID Blue Light Glasses | 30 October 2019 | 0 Comments

Blue Light Glasses Give You Freedom!

Today we had the amazing opportunity to interview a college fashion blogger , a lifestyle blogger @jessicalyn20 on her wearing experience of our new blue light glasses(MODEL #CT20、#CT41).

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!
Q: How long have you spent screen time a day?
A: More than 10 hours. Cuz i’m also a college student.

Q: Have you ever felt any uncomfortable after using computer or phones?
A: Frequently,especially i prepared much exam works when it comes to final exam. Sometimes, as a fashion blogger, focus more time on editing pics and blogs.

Q: So why do you choose CGID blue blockers?
A: I’ve sensitive eyes so the blue blocking glasses help prevent eye strain and headaches. So i hesitate to order a pair of blue blocker.Until one day,my friends recommend CGID’s Instagram @cgidfashion. They are affordable but latest trendy styles, which attracts me.

This model is CT10.

This model is CT41.

Q: So will you be tried of screen now?
A: Nope. I’ve worn them for several days.It’s no surprise that I like wearing blue light blocking glasses, whether it’s for writing up a blog, doing my homework, and for working on my phone. CGID has affordable and well-made computer, gaming, clear, and reading glasses.
That’s blue light glasses changing your life and improving your vision healthy. I believe more guys have the same feeling while i’m a beginning blogger.

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Thanks for this valuable chance to share her wearing experience.In this competitive world, we have to spend more time on our job,homework, or hobbies. How to improve productivity or efficiency? More or less, blue light glasses save your life.Why not try CGID?


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